Email notification - parameter AlertInterval results always in the same time

In Email settings the parameter AlertInternval is the minimum interval between alerts in seconds. If I set that parameter to 30 or 480 seconds or something in between the emails are always sent with 300 seconds interval. Is this correct?

The time between deletion (in batch) of files that have passed the retention period is also 300 seconds. The correlation between these two time internals is a little bit to good to not using the same parameter?

Do you mean that the min. interval between 2 emails is always 5 minutes no matter the settings ?

For deletion of files is done at fixed internal i think that there is no settings for this…

When I set and saved the setting to 2 minutes the time between the 2 FIRST emails was 2 minutes. Then it changed to be 5 minutes for all email after that.
No settings for deletion of files, but I would say that the parameter that is used for files deletion overwrite the first one so 2 minutes becomes 5 minutes, maybe?