Email Password Not Saved by Netcam Studio 1.2.5

I am not able to get the email notification feature to work because the program is unable to save my password even after I entered it correctly and typed save. It always default to ****. As a result, I always get the error message that the username and password does not match. BTW, I am trying out the free version of the program. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.


Can you please have a look to see if there is a problem in 1.2.5?


Check also if you have the latest version .Net Framework 4.5 installed. I experienced also the problem with not saving and going back to default values which was solved with installing 4.5.

I’ve checked and it works fine in 1.2.5. Passsword is shown as “*****” for security reasons. It doesn’t reflect real password length.
I think, this may be related to .net framework version.

Since 1.2.7 .NET 4.0 is not supported anymore since most users run into problems.

As of now, 4.5 is mandatory.