Empty emails, No pictures - setting email notifications

I don’t get any pictures in my mail…

There issn’t a small x in the corner were it might have been, but cant be displayed. . I had when I originally installed it… but at the time it was spamming me with mails, and I started going through the manual and setting up detection zones…

My Motion Detection is on…
Motion Algorithm is - BacgroundModeling
Motion display is - Area
Motion Sensibility is - Normal

I did look under the Library folder is the thumbnails are there. and they are… I have however moved the it… its now on D:\DVR
but the videos are under the recorder folder and the thumbnails are in the thumbnails folder.

This is a picture of the mail.

Hi Johan!
This mail with no picture is usually sent when:

  1. Email notification is enabled and
  2. A rule for a camera is set.
    Check this.

If only email notification is enabled and NO rule for a camera the email should include one or more pictures.


that’s rather confusing?

mind explaining that to me? If I remove the rule to mail me on motion detection, why would it mail me?

OK, I tested it now… If I remove the rule, I don’t get a mail at all? in the event log it also doesn’t show any hint that it even attempt to send a mail? adding the rule back again sends the mail, but once again no picture was in the mail.

I the case of only one cam maybe not. If you have several cams and only email enabled it will send you a summarized email every x minutes which cams and with pictures that were triggered since the last email.

Maybe you have a couple of very important cams you really want to know when something happens then you also add a rule for each cam. In the rule you write a message. For these cams with rules an email is sent instantly when motion is triggered.

However, in your case it seems that something went wrong in the spam session.
I assume your Notification for the email looks like this within the red rectangles. When you click on Test Email you should get a green icon for Email sender in the Event logs and receive an email. Do you have that?

That is the basic function. Now you should get a summary email every x minutes with pictures from all the cams that were triggered for motion detection.

These settings should not affect the notification.


Well this is my rule for sending the mail? Its only executed 2 times bacause I delted it and recreated it. on the hopes it will send me a mail with pictures without it.

I do have 2 more rules.

These are purely my rules as I’m busy setting up still… So I hardly getting this the way I want them… Since they were working when I just loaded it…

What I would like to have is…

A mail that I receive once the detection zone is breached, if the mail could include a picture it will be awesome, cause I can have a general idee as to why its was breached…

Currently I have everything perfect other than the empty mall. so at least I still know the detection zone was breached. I currently only have a single cam connected. I have 7 more cameras I want to add…

Hi Johan!
:slight_smile:Sorry for the smile, but I love when users do the unexpected. That´s how we learn! Now I understand your discussion and this setup will make no sense, especially with more than one cam. The idea with the rule is to use it for a source (0, 1, 2, …) and not for “Any”.
Here are some alternatives with NCS.

  1. The thumbnail is just a picture from that cam when triggered and do not necessarily show the exact moment when trigger level is obtained. It can be a little bit after.
  2. To see what exactly goes on look at the video. The video from the motion detection is always stored and it includes about 2 seconds before the trigger event.

Now it depends on how important the time factor is for you.

  • If you must know very quickly what happened when the detection zone was breached do this: make a rule for that cam and in the parameter Value write the name of the cam and something else do identify the cam. When that cam is triggered an email is sent immediately. It will not have a picture in it, but the info you wrote in Value. To see what really happened go to the Library from mobile app or web/win client and watch the video.
  • if you would like to know that a detection zone have been breached on any of the cams, but you are “not in a hurry” since the videos are stored. Do this: you can of cause do the above also, but in this case make no rule. A summary of the events is emailed every 5 minutes including pictures and what cams from all the events that were triggered during the last 5 minutes.

To include a picture with the rule have been discussed, but since you get the info of which cam and that the picture will not tell you what exactly happened, which the video does, there is no picture in that mail.


Hi Henrik…

Thanks for the answer… that’s a very acceptable answer.

I’ll rather have the mail with no picture in it then… I thought there should always be a picture in the mail…

Thanks! Good luck and you know where to find me ;).

Just a little update…

I have now connected more cameras… these are all CCTV analog cameras attached that are linked via an USB easycap.

I had some issues on the machine and reloaded it, clean install and loaded NCS with the same settings… now I get the mail, when motion is detected and summery mails with pictures… perfect…

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Excellent. Thanks fo the update!