Enable audio on source

I’m unable to figure out how to enable audio on my sources. We are using Panasonic BL-C111A cameras, which have microphones. When adding or editing a source, the “Audio Preset” field and “Audio over HTTP” box are disabled (greyed out). When I Test Connection, Video succeeds but audio fails with the error “Not Tested”.

Is there something else I need to be enabling in order to get this to work? Also, am I a “New User” until I make a certain number of posts? I’d post a screenshot but I’m unable to upload pictures.


No one else has this audio issue?

I would say skip the template and use the rtsp protocol instead. I have some older Edimax cams and the templates have problems with sound, but with the rtsp I get it all. Check if the camera can deliver rtsp usually on port 554. Then you should also have what you need to write last in the rtsp for communication.