Encryption before ftp upload

Could you add the possibility to encrypt pictures or videos before auto uploading to a ftp server? Maybe you could implement a 7zip encrypted compression before uploading to be sure nobody else, even not admins, can see the pictures. Thanks! Spiff

Thanks for the suggestions. We have a qouple of suggestions for increased security so I add this one to the others.

This will not be implemented for now, it’s not directly related to security of Netcam Studio and I don’t really see the general interest for such feature.

if netcamstudio is able to call an external program once video file has been saved and if the call can provide the file path of this file then a simple script can do encryption + ftp upload

That was also my thought. I was sure it’s a pretty easy script.
But maybe I have a completely wrong security concept.
If netcams motion detection triggers a picture to be shot and uploaded, I don’t want anyone, admins included, besides me and some persons involved members to see the content. I don’t want to save the files locally because the storage can get stolen.
So maybe there is another suggestion of how to secure the content against unwanted usage besides encryption?
I thought this could also be interesting for others.


No you are not wrong, NCS do not manage encryption, so you have to deal with it and only easy way is this one I tihnk you just have to check if NCS can call a script.

I remember I had a project (not NCS related at all) that used PGP so the encrypted file was send but the receiver was not even able to see the video file itself as it did not have the private key himself. And to see it only the Security Manager could ask for specific files to be sent to him and only him had the PGP private key.