Error 1053: could not stop/start the NCS Server

Almost every time I try to stop the NCS Service I get this error message

When I check the Task Manager I see that it continues to run and create traffic on the network. The Web client do not work and no videos are stored. I have to stop it using End Process.

When I start the service again it is the same procedure and I receive the same error message. In the Task manager I see that NCS Service starts and generate traffic on the network, but the Web client do not work. After this error message I manually end the process and start the service again and then it starts within some specified time. What might it be?

I had exactly the same problems. The only way I could kill the NCS process was to reboot. It turned out that the problem was caused by my very old Logitech Pro4000 webcam.

I’d suggest trying another camera.

Hi George! Thanks for the reply and suggestion. However, I am using 15 cams. 7 of them are brand new and the rest about 2-3 years old so there must be something else. I am interested in to know how actually this start and stop is made by the computer since it must be a time limit involved. Obviously it do not use kill so it must do it in another fashion. What are the criteria for a correct start and stop?

How is Netcam Studio X doing ?

How long does it take to start and to exit ?

HI. I have given up server 2003. To many problems and also it cannot involve files on the NAS when I change Library. I have moved to server 2008 R2 which works much better, I had to enable WCF and then it also could involve files on the NAS when changing Library. I would recommend to not have server 2003 in the list of operating systems.

Will probably remove shortly (have to add Windows 10 anyway)