Error connecting to camera RTSP_TCP // working using VLC and iSpy software

I am trying to convert to Netcam Studio form iSpy.

I’m trying to connect to my camera using RTSP_TCP with rtsp://admin:****@ (same settings as iSpy).
Port 80 or 554 makes no difference.
I can use that same address in VLC and it works just fine & I can use that address in ispy camera software and it works.

Netcam studio not working (but) vlc is showing video just fine.

iSpy software settings for the same camera.

What camera is it?
Test if you can connect it with the tab ONVIF Source.
Try to use rtsp_udp
port 80 or 554


ONVIF Source doesn’t work for these cameras. I search for the camera - enter in the user and password. click on Get Profiles. Get nothing in return for Profile selection.

RTSP_TCP / RTSP_UDP / RTSP_HTTP ports 80,553 not working.

Wansview K2 720. These work just fine using vlc or iSpy … beginning to think its just NetCam that doesn’t like them for some reason.

Alright … I see that you are responding @Henrik - but I installed netcam on a vm of windows 10 and installed netcam software and the cameras are working using rtsp_tcp rtsp://admin:****@ …

So something is stuck on the install on my Dedicated windows 10 pro pc… ARGH

Yes, very strange!
Change ch0 to ch1 or ch2 if that makes any difference:

We have been thru this before and you made it work Netcam software issues and RTSP connection issues with Wansview 720p K2

AH Right! … So I did the old delete everything in C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server - Now its letting me add the camera using - rtsp://admin:****@

So NetCam is not fully removing the cameras when you delete them form the server gui. That is super annoying …