Error downloading video from library




Whenever I attempt to download a video from the library via the web client, it starts the download, but then immediately fails without transferring any data:

The URL the web client uses to attempt the download (with the root of the URL hidden and token changed) is: http://******.com:8100/Library/201703294022.mp4?authToken=eed17ca2-dc69-291c-8a0f-843d9b67a01a

Currently, only port TCP 8100 is forwarded. Do I need to open and forward other ports? What else may be the problem if not that?
Please advise.

I am using Netcam sutdio server 1.3.7


Hi Adam,
It seems that you are using Chrome where this do not work for some reason. We are just releasing a new version where this among many other things have been reprogrammed to work very fine in all browsers.

You can download NCS version 1390 here
It is ncs-inst-x64.exe that is 1 day old.

At lot have been reprogrammed and if you have added sources with custom URL you just need to save that camera again. URL is not lost, but it needs saving again.