ESCAM Q6 button IP Camera - how to get 3rd stream 640x360


ESCAM Q6 button IP Camera works fine with ONVIF discovery and then over RTSP link. There are two known streams:

  1. for 720p: rtsp://user:pass@localIP:554/onvif1
  2. for low quality 320x180: rtsp://user:pass@localIP:554/onvif2

By the way, I noticed that I can bypass the user:pass when connecting over local network.

However when I use the android app Yoosee there are 3 qualities of streams to choose from:
HD (720p) - 1280x720
SD (360p) - 640x360 to be exact
LD - 320x180

I am wondering how the app can access the SD stream. I could not find any other information about it.

When I record the HD 720p on Android it gives me MP4 file with 1280x720 in H264 at around 779kbps
When I record the SD on Android it gives me MP4 file with 640x360 in H264 at around 311kbps

Can anyone help or suggest how to find the SD stream link? It seems a good compromise between quality and stream size/complexity

Probably the camera can deliver only 2 streams. Go into the configuration of the camera and you can probably select what resolution is streamed on onvif1 and 2.

Yes, there are only 2 streams in every configuration software I could find. Only the android app has the 3rd, middle stream. Probably some customized hack…

To be sure about available streams you can also check using “ONVIF Device Manager” on Sourceforge.

Then if your android app can really provide one more stream may be it’s simply not declared from ONVIF then you should check which kind of HTTP or RTSP request it is using by sniffing the communication between App and Camera.

Robert what software did you use to setup your Cam and do you know if your able to set up this Cam with Natcam desktop gadget for windows . Any information would be nice and trying fine other software beside the they tell me I perfer have the Cam on my desktop

This is an off topic question, I think it should be asked somewhere else or at least at new thread.

Anyway, the Escam Q6 is configurable through android app Yoosee. I don’t think there is any other way to initialize it or change settings later on. But once you connect it to your local wifi, you can find it with onvif discovery and then attach as a source in Netcam.