Escam SNAIL QD500

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to get my network cam working in netcam.
I’m able to open the stream in vlc using rtsp://
Have tried a lot of camera’s http addresses, but dont get it to work .

If it works in VLC then it should work in Netcam Studio as well.

If you run NCS-64 ensure that you install VLC-64 as well. Otherwise VLC-32 for NCS-32.

Then you can use the custom url dialog and type the address:


if VLC is prompted for a username / password then try


I double checked my vnc version, reinstalled, but for some reason i assumed the 64 bit version would be downloaded, when i clicked on 64bit. It was the 32bits version. So installing 64bit did the trick for me!

Thanks a lot, working like a charm. Mayne nice to add this cam to the supported list, and make a preset for it.

Regards, Richard

Thanks for the feedback.

Is tlJwpbo6 the real password or is it encrypted in base64 or anything before being sent this way ?

If it’s the real password, then yes we can look forward to prepare a proper template.

For as far as i know it’s the real password. Found it here.

If you can arrange the internet access to your IP camera and provide the operator/admin account, I can check its properties and prepare the template for it.
Please send the request to


No need to request access since we know the url to use. I just don’t like this hardcoded password in the url. For me it looks like base64. You can try preparing a template with 2 versions: once with the password=[Password] and once using the password=[Base64Password] placeholder.

Thank you, Steve.
Templates has been prepared as suggested.