Failure when authenticate in library

Hey guys, how are you?
I am bothering you this time with a problem when I want to see a recording. It’s a little bit related with this post VLC now requiring password So, I created a test user to show you the problem. I am currently running NCS 1.6.1.

I created the user testlibrary with the following rights as you can see in the picture below

Then I signed in the web client

But when I go to the library and choose a recording from the list it happens the following

And when I put the user and password it doesn’t recognize it, so it prompts again and if I cancel it, the video is not played of course.

Then I tought, maybe it’s a problem with the web client, I am going to test it in the Windows client. So I signed in

And when I choosed a recording from the list and VLC opened it happened this

I put the credentials but the same thing. It didn’t recognize them, so when I hit cancel, it threw the following error

And to close up this. If I do the same with de Admin account, I got no problem, there is no prompt of authentication neither in the web client nor the Windows client.

I hope you can help me with this.



Yes, I get the same result and I agree that it should not be like this. I have to forward this to our developer @Steve.

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