False motion alarm trigger

Using 5 Foscam FI8910W with Webcam7 and from time to time, but not regulary, all of them without any motion will trigger a false motion alarm. The image sent is like broken as seen bellow.

It happens when disrupting the video stream. If this is a IP camera, it is possible the lack of network speed or problems with the memory inside the unit (reboot solves the problem). I did that with a USB Web camera, when it lacked power due to the use of an extension cord. The problem was solved in two ways:

  1. Using USB3.0 port (since there is 3 times higher current)
  2. Remove the extension cable and connecting the camera directly to USB2.0 port.

Can also happen with wifi camera if the wifi connection is average or purely on computer side when CPU is too high.

To reduce this, you can check if you have options directly in the camera to reduce the quality / bandwidth of the output, it will probably reduce the number of such behaviors.