False Positives

When will we start seeing updates to the software that will tighten the detection method? Are there being steps taken to help reduce the false positives that customer regularly get? Are we going to see any further updates to the mobile application? Will there be any steps towards facial recognition?

I like your product a lot, but a quick review of posts shows that there are a lot of issues around Bug Detection. Other companies are making advancements to determine the difference between a human and a bug on the screen.

Best way to reduce false from bugs is still to have a separate IR source. Mobile App was updated in April and is working fine. Facial recognition is there, but I have never used it. What other companies?

Thank you Henrik. Have you seen the progress made to public apps like Sighthound? https://www.sighthound.com/

I have problems with false detections as I guess everybody has. While more advanced solutions like suggested in this thread might solve the issue I have tried to tweak setting for months but still get false positives for (fast) flying bugs, moving tree branch shadows and even clouds changing the light conditions of the entire scene.

I find it very hard to tweak the settings to be better as there is no way (that I know of) to take a recording that produced a false detection and run it again with new tweaked settings. Only way is to tweak settings and then wait for days/weeks trying to guess if the tweak was good or not. And the possibility to filter out real events that I want to record is also possible with aggressive tweaks. Not good.

If it was possible to have some sort of self-recorded library with video streams and then have the possibility to run them through the motion detection algoritm it would be quite easy to tweak settings for my camera and environment. The entire library could be automatically tested for true/false detections as well!

Does this sound like a good idea for a future version or is it already possible to achieve or similar functionality in some way in order to tweak setting in a more controlled way?

Thanks, I look at that.

Hi and thanks for your comments.
I certainly agree that this is a very interesting area to look into an improve. With high resolution camera and the new i9 generation processors one can certainly do a lot of interesting calculations. Learning the system what’s false, correlation techniques etc.
I agree it is good ideas for a future version. If that will be in a free version can be discussed since it will need “some” development also for the exiting price. Well, it´s on the table now …


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