Fast Video Streaming


I want to use Netcam Studio with an USB webcam as a car rear view camera.
Currently I have about 1 sec. delay and I want to reduce it, because 1 second can be too much while driving :wink:

I played arround with the decoding settings. On the Server I get a video which seams without any delay.
On the Client (Windows PC with WLAN or Android Phone with WLAN) I get the delay of about 1 sec.

Any Ideas howto improve it?

kind regards, NIls


In this specific situation i wonder if using webcamXP instead wouldn’t perform better since it’s more optimized regarding webcams than netcam studio is.

However if you have no delay on server then there is no real reason to have delay in the web / mobile client. The buffering in this case is only 1 frame (so around 40ms) so it shouldn’t be 1 second difference between what you have on server and on the client.

what connection type between client and server ? do you have this when using the client on server pc (i doubt you have 2 computers in your car so i suppose it’s the same).

Do you use the JPEG streaming mode (it’s the mode that should result in smallest delay) ?