Feature Request: App auto connect


First of all: i really enjoy the netcam studio product!

If its possible i would like the option on the netcam app (apple) to set a server as default and that the app connect to that server when it opens.
That way you have a instant view of the cameras by just opening the app.
This is very handy if you need to act fast, for example when a doorbell goes of or somebody is entering the store.

Thanks for considering this.

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Glad that you like the Netcam Studio. We do that too :slight_smile:
Thanks for the suggestion. I think this have been up before, but I put it on the list for suggestions again.


Thanks, if it would be a setting, users can enable/disable this, so nobody would be ‘forced’ to use it that way.
But i can understand if only a few people want it, it’s not worth to program it.

I want also to ask it, but i found, that the question was already posted.

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I want to push this. Because the login is really annoyingly.
In my opinion it is also a bug, that the app (iOS) does not prevend the phone from turning into standby when using the live monitor. When I’m using the live view, i have to push every second on the screen to keep it running.

Thanks. I forward this.