Feature Request: schedule switch on/off


I’ve reached you by mail yesterday, as I used to for some time while we were sorting out some bugs about motion detection some months (years?) ago. Now I’ve realized there’s a working forum, so I’ll reproduce my request here. :slight_smile:

I find motion detection scheduling feature very useful for my day by day usage but… when I go on holiday and I want motion detection to stay 24x7 on, I must erase my schedule hours, and I must reconfigure them when I’m back.

Could scheduling have some sort of “on/off” switch, so I could disable it on holiday, and enable it back when I come back to my house? Or maybe automatically disable scheduling when you switch motion detection ON manuallya, and enable it back when you switch if off.


This possibility have been up for discussion before and for the moment it is a no. NCS is a 24/7 video surveillance system. Introducing a checkbox for enable/disable might lead to someone forgetting to enable again which can lead to more serious consequences than doing this manual configuration. So, for the moment, it is a no.

…and what about my last suggestion? Only let schedule go “off” when you manually force motion detection (or any other schedulable features) to go back to schedule once you force disable motion detection… This way security is assured, as you can only bypass schedule by forcing detection.

Well, that is also part of what might go wrong so most likely a no for this. However, users have suggested this since it is possible in WebcamXP or 7. That might be a way to solve this. Another way is maybe to create an internal Task in Windows to do the on/off.

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