Feature Request: URL to MultiView

I’m new to NetCam Studio, but did not find an answer to my question, so I start a new thread.

I have an external device (domovea server) which requires a MJPEG stream to show a camera picture.
As my cameras do support H.264 streaming, I intend to use NetCamStudio to convert the streams to MJPEG.
So far, so good. I think this will work.

I think it could be useful to have access to the multiview by URL, that means like I can select one certain camera stream by http://ip:8100/mjpeg/0 it could be useful to select a multiview stream in the same way, so it could be displayed in a browser or an external device like the domovea server.

As an addition I would suggest to have an option to switch the multiview screen to a single camera in case there is an alert like motion detection.

I hope my suggestions have not already been discussed.

Hi Jörg!
Welcome to the forum.

  • I checked the domovea server, a nice little automation system that we like! Are you sure your cam do not support MJPEG streaming since that is very basic in the cams? If you use NCS do not forget the permanent token otherwise it will be logged out.
  • I am not sure what you mean by multiview by URL, but the web client is open source in Github and can be designed for any taste. There you can have the mutliview by URL ???
  • Your last suggestion about changing view to a single view at motion detection is clearly interesting. We are developing a version of NCS for the security market with a lot of features especially for that branch and your idea is certainly an interesting feature. Thanks!


Hi Henrik,
thanks for the fast response.

I use HikVision cams. They deliver only one MJPEG stream at a time - and that stream is limited in resolution (704x576), whereas the resolution of the H.264 stream is 1920x1080.

The domovea client software pulls the video stream direct from the source, so when you have more than one client active, only one can show the MJPEG stream. That is why I plan to use Netcam Studio as a converter to output multiple MJPEG streams.

For that (and many other reasons) I had the idea of streaming the “multiview” picture over http. That picture would be an arrangement of several camera views. The advantage is that you can use a simple browser or other piece of external software/hardware (like the domovea) to see the multiview stream. This might be very helpful in many other conditions. As I cannot change the software of the domovea client, I cannot integrate the NCS client.

How do I add the permanent token when the domovea client pulls the MJPEG stream? I can only set a static URL in the domovea.

I have some more suggestions, maybe they are useful:

  • add the possibility to launch an external application with parameters in case of an event
  • or send an TCP / UDP byte sequence. In the latter case it might even be possible to control KNX devices using a fixed UDP sequence, but I have not tested that yet.


The permanent Token is generated under Settings and in the “Generate HTML”. Select parameters. Important that you do not use the administration account since that token always expire. Create a special user account. The URL looks something like

In the Rule Manager you can create a Rule with RunApp at an event that starts an external application with parameters. The RunApp only works for NCS X. Windows blocks the start of external applications when running as a service for security reasons.

There are several user here on the forum that have NCS connected to their home automation system where NCS sends commands for activation of different functions at an event.


thank you again for the fast response.
I will have a look at this.
How many MJPEG streams can NetcamStudio output? Is there a limit?


The sky is the limit ;).
NCS it usually not the problem. It is the hardware mainly the CPU that is the limiting factor on how many cams you connect and if you use motion detection, recording or just viewing, … FPS …