Feature Requests


These are probably already on your roadmap but just incase, the following suggestions from running a 30 camera system:

  • Camera groups

    • Ability to group cameras and schedule for the group rather than individual cameras.
    • Restrict/filter the multi view screen to show just a specific group of cameras.
  • Views

    • 4x4 (16 camera) screen view - useful so we can fit everything onto 2 screens, but also if you go to full screen on the 12-camera view there’s a lot of blackspace with widescreen cameras so plenty of room for another row.
    • Next/Previous camera buttons - on the multi view have the option for these to be “next/previous screen” e.g. when I am viewing cameras 1-12 at once, a setting so that the next button shows me cameras 13-24 instead of cameras 2-13.
  • General

    • Disable buttons that users do not have access rights for (rather than just making the page appear but do nothing)

Also, not sure if this already exists or not but a way to stream a thumbnail/lower resolution image via http://server:8100/Live/0 - if I have 16 VLC components on one webpage all streaming the server very quickly falls over and hits 100% CPU and they time out (which is expected if they are all trying to stream the full quality image).




In regards to the camera views, would there be a way to have a “cycle” view. E.g. Source 1, then 5-10 seconds later it goes to Source 2. Or, show the source that has motion or audio, etc?

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Hey Guys - Great job with the app. I have a suggestion for easier viewing of Video Sources. Could we get Friendly Names inserted on the timeline, rather than having Source 1, Source 2, etc…


Thanks for the feedback.

@Mikhail_Burilov, Can you please take care of this:

Regarding retrieving thumbnail, yes you can using:

(resolution 1,2,3 give different sizes) however it won’t help much the cpu usage since the problem is that all camera are reconnected and buffering at the same time.

Added 4x4 (16 camearas) layout

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Has there been any thought for this request I put last year?

Yes, it is in the windows client in version 1.3.1. Not in web client, but I hope it will be there soon.

Regarding cycling no since nobody else ever requested or supported this feature request.

Additionally it’s not optimal for Netcam Studio since it tries to put the unused sources to sleep when possible and waking them up on demand. here they will constantly go to sleep, be awaken when its their turn (which make take a few seconds on RTSP) so it’s not optimal however if it seems to be of interest for several users we may consider it in the future…

See my Netcam Server is on a standalone computer that is always awake, and records when detects motion, so I am not concerned about CPU. While others might be, that’s where they wouldn’t have to use this feature. It would just be beneficial for me so I could see all of my sources rotating in a larger view. Just a feature I think would work out well is all.

Are there any plans for timeline view for the iOS application?

This is related to something I suggested earlier. The previous/next selection is accessed after dropping down a menu. I suggested, probably not very clearly, that the previous/next controls be on the main menu bar i.e. permanently visible.

Forwarded to our developers @Steve .

Would it be possible to look at implementing the following, all aimed at the mobile app:

1 - iPhone screen timeout bypass.
When in the mobile app, if the screen isn’t pressed for x amount of time, the phone will lock meaning you have to log back in again to the netcam app and navigate to the Multi view section. Other similar apps such as IPCam Viwer, bypasses this and allows the user to keep their cameras open without the risk of the screen going off. This would be very useful in the multi view section as personally I like to have my phone or iPad on a dock with the cameras open which I am currently having to do via IPCam Viewer but I would like to get rid of that and just use Netcam.

2 - the ability to set the grid size in multi view. For example I have 6 cameras. Having the phone in portrait means I can see all of the cameras but are a little small as it can’t utilise all of the available space. In landscape mode the cameras are a good size but I can only see two camera and half of the next two. If I could set a grid size of 3x2 in landscape mode it would be ideal. Again, this is something that is present in some other apps and works quite well

3 - the ability to pinch and zoom into a camera in multi view. I understand this would be a digital zoom via the app and not the camera providing a zoom but this is something that is again present in IPCam Viewer and works very well.

I look forward to seeing what you think to implementing these features and if it’s something we can look forward to seeing soon

Hi there!
Thanks for your great suggestions! I know there are a lot of features in the pipeline. However, I add these to the list for our developers @steve and I hope he can come back with a further discussion.

From my perspective, a great addition would be the possibility to select a virtual camera source;

Clients select this virtual source, and its input comes from the operator/administrator choosing between sources for editoral purposes.

This will allow clients to look at a single view window, where the input shifts with smooth cut-overs depending on the operators selection, allowing for a ‘single’ stream based on a selection of multiple camera’s. (for a start continuing the current input during a source shift, thereby suppressing the ‘Connecting…’ image until the newly selected stream is available),

Hi Rick!
Thanks, I put this on the list!