Feature suggestion for Motion Detection


I am using the motion detection feature to record movement in our house.

As you can guess, we have windows in our house. I excluded these windows from the movement detection area to reduce false positive detection created by something moving outside. The problem is, quite often the movement detection will be triggered by a change in the lighting coming from the window and affecting the whole scene the camera is monitoring. An example of this would be a cloud going in front of the sun on a sunny day, reducing the lighting in the whole house. There is no way to exclude this using an area. Since it affects the whole scene, trying to adjust sensitivity just won’t do unless I set it so low that the motion detection just won’t trigger if someone goes in front of the camera.

Most of these detections are short. I record 5 seconds when a motion is detected and most of the time, these false positive only last 6-7 seconds.

Would it be possible to create (or does it exists?) a parameter that only keeps the recording if it last more than X seconds? This would effectively keeps most of the real motion detection and get rid of all the false detection or too short to be of any use.



I look forward to some of the responses to this issue because I have the very same problem. I wish there were a guide on how to best tune the motion capture parameters to detect and record only real objects in the scene.
My camera is outdoors but I still have the sun/cloud issue too. And it results in numerous false recordings.
Does anyone else have ideas or suggestions? New features to detect real objects would be great too…unless it’s there and I just don’t know how to correctly configure it.


Hi guys!
Yes, I certainly agree that this is tricky.
There is no parameter to set for deletion of recordings less than x seconds. I think it is a little bit tricky if the recording is due to something irrelevant or substantial.
I have these problems also and have minimized then by using blob detection and fine tuning the sensitivity. However, I will ask the developers about this.