Ffmpeg.exe error "not found"

  1. What is ffmpeg.exe used for in webcamxp?
  2. Does it compress the files?
  3. Or used for playback?

Apparently the install didn’t work correctly…

I’ve got everything working.
Streaming and recording works, but no audio on the stream version.
Recording has audio.
My recording files are HUGE.
But I can run them through another software to compress 100-to-5 megs as .swf’s.


Hi D,
That’s the job ffmpeg should do. It transcodes the avi file to mp4 and many other things too with the video and sound. So uninstall the program and remove any config files in ProgramData (a hidden folder) and any file in ProgramFile /x86. Install again.


Thanks Henrik…
I was sure that what I need to do but thought I would ask 1st in case it wasn’t needed.

I’ll let you know the outcome.

One other question: What is a good webcam to buy for steaming audio with the “live stream”?


That’s the million dollar question ;).
With webcam, do you mean a usb cam or an ip cam? Stupid question, but important ;).

I didn’t re-install yet, had a little job to get out this morning…

Probably the USB Webcam.
I found one of the Logitech webcams had the BEST overall rating (around $60).

Be nice to find a wireless streaming webcam that I could take with me everywhere I went.
Send to satellite and back to an ip address so users could watch my pool games “live” when I play in tournaments.
The Go-Pro seems to capture like a video camera, not what I had in mind…


I use Logitech myself. They have been around for a long time and have a good reputation.
The second part got me really interested ;). Tell me more …! Interesting application. However, video via satellite demands a big bank account ;). How about an IP cam with wifi connected to small router hooked up to the mobile network (or satellite)? IP cam is also easy to connect to webcamcp. Check out Netcam Studio. It has a lot of interesting features that might work for you.

I’m using an old Logitech 120 (I think) IP, with Webcam-XP software.
It’s got good features and it’s FREE.
I can stream “live” to an IP address & record the video feed at the same time.
But the audio is not steamed and that’s why I asked about webcams (for the audio).

Application I was referring to:
I’d like a webcam I could setup on a tripod to stream my personal pool games.
Generally the pool-halls have Wi-Fi.
The place I play at most will only let users connect for 15 minutes, then breaks the connection (so users have to re-connect often, so I don’t bother).
I’d like to stream back to my IP address on my website, but mobile hot spot is very expensive in the long run.
Didn’t know if anyone had heard of a reasonable way to stream a webcam live.

Do you know anyone with webcam/streaming/capture programming experience?
For a project I’d like to create using webcams…

Primarily, the challenge is to have enough speed on the Internet connection for live video in h.264 (video and audio) from the pool game location to where the web page is hosted. That web page need to handle audio and video. This will also depend on how many viewers you plan to have. Maybe you should look into multicast instead.
These things get tricky rather quickly.

Thanks for the advise!
I did look into multicast, might be where I end-up but don’t have time right now to pursue further.
I’ve used U-Stream for LIVE events and it works pretty good, but not user friendly for me.

I did re-install Webcam XP 5.
Compression works VERY good.
227 mgs to 38 mgs.
Another from 989 mgs to 78 mgs.
Both Audio & Video…

I also installed both Moon Ware products from Play-Store, but don’t have them configured to my IP address yet.
(May need to read more about how they work before I can use them correctly)