Finally a crash ;)

I don´t know if I am proud or not, but finally I made NCS to crash ;). Otherwise, I must say that it is very stable! The crash which I have forced to happen 3 times now appears when:

  1. Change the IP number in the camera settings.
  2. Change the IP number in NCS and Saves or goes from a template to use RTSP also with a change of IP
    It seems that NCS search for the old IP, do not find that and get confused. It display the message below. I have to manually stop NCS service and to delete the NCS process. Then restart NCS service. The computer do not have to be restarted. -Henrik

Seeing this thread too late.

If again it happens, please retrieve and share the logs from C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server.

Maybe they are still there for July 28th.

I have to say that yes I’m also proud about the stability of the software, didn’t encounter a crash for really long. Usually it’s restarted only because Windows installs some update.


Thanks for the reply :wink:
I am not sure if it was on 28 so you get the logfile from 27 also which is big. You find a zip file at