Flip Camera on X Axis


We are using Netcam Studio to provide live video links between offices. One of the pieces of equipment we’ve used for this is left over Kinect V2 sensors as they have a very good HD camera in them, and are quite wide angle. We also have a bunch of them lying around doing nothing :slight_smile: However the image the Kinect produces is mirrored on the X axis, so you can’t read writing on whiteboards, posters, etc.

Netcam can rotate 90, 180 or 270 degrees natively but doesn’t seem to have a function to flip an axis. I guess it would have to process the image in software to do this - this isn’t an issue for us as the Netcam server we have is quite powerful. So having this added as a feature to Netcam would be great. However if anyone knows of a way of doing this via DirectShow that might be easier (i.e. is there a DirectShow plugin that can take a camera input, process the image in realtime, then provide it back to Netcam to appear as another local camera?).

Otherwise, cheers for a great product! Very useful.

Hi there,
Thanks for the kind words and a nice application. As you say mirroring is not on the menu today in Netcam Studio. I am not sure how cpu intensive this is when it comes to 1080p or up to 4k cameras, but I put it on the list. Usually, this can be done in Ip cameras. It seems that you are not the only one using the Kinect V2 as an IP camera. You have probably done some searching, but if not there here re some links. If you have a programming guy around this seems to be done rather quick https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50778863/how-can-i-flip-the-kinect-v2-colorstream-horizontally
A hardware solution is this that you can have between computer and monitor that mirror the HDMI signal https://superuser.com/questions/554589/how-can-i-horizontally-flip-invert-my-monitor-not-rotate The Decimator MD-HX which seems to be the Swiss army knife for video signals :slight_smile:
We have a DirectShow filter called Moonware Universal Source Filter, but that do no flipping.

Maybe someone elso have some good input here.