Force refresh http streams

I am using the mpeg stream method to stream two cameras to an iPad mounted on the wall with an application called ActionTiles. Everything works perfectly except the video cuts off after 10 minutes. I noticed in the WebService site that the token expires after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Due to the way I am viewing the streams, I don’t have a way to refresh the streams every 9 minutes or so. I have tried to add parameters to the stream URL like &RefreshInterval=9 but that doesn’t seem to work. I looked all over the Netcam studio settings and also do not see a way to force refresh streams.

Is there a way to force refresh the steams that I may have missed? If not, is there is a plan to add this to a future release?

Thank you!

The NCS URL´s are only for streaming. If you embed the streaming code on a web page you use the refresh code for the web page to call the URL again. It´s the ActionTiles that should call that NCS URL again. An alternative is to connect ActionTile directly to the cameras. The cameras should then be dual-stream, but sometimes it works anyway. Maybe the camera can deliver two streams, but with different resolutions.

Hello Henrick,

Unfortunately the cameras only have a RTSP stream and ActionTiles only supports http stream which is I why I use NCS in between as the stream source.

ActionTiles does not look to have a way to refresh which I was why I was hoping there was some way to do it with a parameter in the NCS URL or a setting in NCS.

I guess it looks like I will need to find another way then. Thank you!

What camera is it? Are you sure it only delivers rtsp?
Can you see the video from the camera in a web browser?

It is a Sunba 601-D20X. Yes, if I access the camera I can see the video but it is using a plugin to do so.

They have a RTSP URL for direct streaming, but ActionTiles does not support RTSP.