Foscam 9853EP with Webcam 7 Pro

I have a few Foscam 9853EP cameras that I would like to stream using my existing webcam 7 Pro software but I can’t work out how to get them working.

I’ve tried looking at the IPCams.wml file to add a new template but it looks like I need to encode the profile URLs somehow.

Is there a way to get these cams working?


Hi! This is always difficult and webcam 7 is a little bit limited when it comes to adding a new IP cam using rtsp which is usually the easiest way to add an IP-cam nowadays. Try to use an existing template for the same brand and see if that works which it do sometimes. Then you can try to add the cam as an Other source with http:// A quick look in the manual for the cam gives several ways to connect that you can test.

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I’ve moved over to Netcam Studio which does it with no issue.

Good choice! Usually much easier in NCS ;).