Foscam C1 camera, I lose audio after some hours of connection

Hi all,

I’ve bought a Foscam C1 camera, and the initial connection and setup was quite easy and straigh forward… but after some hours of connection, I lose audio. I can connect to the camera and see the video, but no audio at all. After resetting connection and also camera, audio is back for some hours, and then it mutes again. I’ve tested:

  • Any of the available connection types inside Netcam Studio: profile (only 1 RTSP type), different direct rtsp urls (UDP&TCP) and also ONVIF.
  • I’ve tried upgrading camera firm to the latest.

I don’t discard it’s a camera problem in any way, but I haven’t tested a enough long connection using VLC or similar (I can’t currently for logistic problems).


Mysterious things :slight_smile:. You miss the audio when viewing the camera live. If you do a recording at that time the audio is missing there also?
I assume you have access to the web client. When in Live mode if you change between
any difference?

Yes. Recordings also misses audio. No difference changing jpeg to mjpeg, motion or live.

That’s why I think of a rtsp connection problem.

I assume you have read the other postings about the C1 and it seems rather straightforward.
Can you select different streams with onvif. Still rtsp, bur different resolution?
Since you have upgraded firmware and still have same problem for me it seems more like a problem with the hardware.

Yes. Checked all 4 ONVIF streams… In fact only two of them are working for me… but none of both give me stable audio.

I agree it seems some hardware/firmware problem, but I wanted to be sure I had tested all possibilities.

Thanks a lot.