Foscam FI8910W won't display in Webcam 7

I have a Foscam FI8910W with Webcam 7. The camera has a static LAN ip and I can access it no problem it the Foscam software. When I add it to Webcam 7 and hit test, I get HTTP/1.1 200 OK so it seems to be correct. However, all I get on is a black screen on the monitor screen with the LAN address in the upper left corner. Any ideas what is going on?

The problem with those old Foscam cameras is that there is a number of different firmwares in the field and not all the same use the same protocol and streaming addresses so it’s always a bit delicate.

Every time we modify the templates for a customer then they stop using for another so actually we have a bit stopped making changes to those templates…

The best would be to try with netcam studio which allows to provide custom url and not only the predefined templates and see if one of those would work:


Then we can tell you if there is one corresponding template matching this available in webcam 7