Foscam FI9800P FPS problem when recording


Hi there. I have Netcam studio set up with three camers. Two Foscam FI9828P and one FI9800P. They all record 24/7 at 5FPS. Problem is with FI9800P, when it is not recording FPS is cca 5-8, as soon as i turn on recording FPS jumps to exactly 20FPS, and i can’t figure it out why. F9829P’ work the same, recording or no recording. I can send screenshots if needed.


When not recording you only view the video. Go to Settings and the first tab. There you have Single view and Multi view refresh rate. That decides what you see in the video bottom right corner for FPS. Single view is the one with white background. You can change Multi view to a higher number, but be aware of that a lot more processor power is used.
Look also in the configuration of the camera where it usually are settings for fps and other things also.