Foscam FI9826P V2


Foscam FI9826P V2 confirmed PTZ working adding the cam using ONVIF

Default firmware. OK
Application Firmware:
System Firmware:

New firmware. OK /

Netcam Studio:

PTZ often does not stop, when using App or WebUI

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Just want to add this if someone thinks of buying a Foscam.
Seems to be descent hardware, BUT the web user interface, what a joke and pain in the *****. Just the fact that you need to install plugin to your browser is a big joke, and far as I can see IE (in the windows world) is now the only option to get onto these things. My first Foscam :slight_smile: probably the last, but I can not swear on that because I ended up with this because of its availability, ONVIF support and price. And yes the WIFI settings are also pretty annoying. Other stuff to but I did switch most of it off and blocked the camera from talking to the world of its own other than through Netcam Studio