Foscam FI9900P not connecting

Hello, I am trying to connect my Foscam FI9900P to my Netcam Studio. My other Foscams are working using different templates but this one keeps saying “Invalid Parameter” when I try connecting to it. Any idea on how to get this to work? I am trying to connect to the RTSP Main.


it looks like the FI9900P template is not working. I added mine using a RTSP_TCP connection:


When I add my FI9900P’s using RTSP_TCP, I see sometimes a ‘scrambled’ line in the image:

I got this on my 4 FI9900P’s. My other Foscams don’t have this problem. I am wondering if you have the same issue with your FI9900P.

Hi Guys!
Thanks Mitch for the assistance!
We try to get away from templates since it is impossible to keep up with all new cams that comes to the market. The Foscam FI9900P supports ONVIF which now most of the manufacturers realize that they must support. So when adding the cam in NCS use the ONVIF tab and you should find the different resolutions that the cam support.


Adding the camera via ONVIF adds it as UDP. But this does not work, because you get a 50-60% srambled image:

Only TCP works, but that is not selectable via ONVIF profile

UDP is almost never good and probably the manufacturer have made a mistake in their onvif profile.

Thank you! This worked for me! rtsp://admin:password@