FoscamC1Lite Cant Change ports

I have a Foscam C1 Lite which thanks to your help is working fine. I just purchased another Foscam c1 lite and find that the default port is 88 on all of these cameras and I cant seem to find any way of changing the port…Is there anyqay of getting this camera to work on NCS

Yes, Foscams are tricky :slight_smile: If you use the predefined Template you change the port number here

I think it is the RTSP port that you need to be changed to 88.

Thank you…the problem though is that I have another foscam c1 running on the same port 88 and cant seem to change it in the camera

That is no problem as long as the IP number is different.

Thank you but I assume I have to forward port 88 on my router to the ip address of the camera…and since port 88 is already forwarded to another camera with a different IP address…I cant forward port 88 to another ip address?

Aha, that’s the problem. Go to the configuration of the router. In some routers it is also possible to do a PAT = port address translation. Then you can also change the port used with the public IP to an internal port on the LAN. For example publicIP:1234 change in the router to lanIP:88. So check the router. If that is not possible you must change port in the camera.
According to the manual it is posdible to change the port number.

Thank you…but I did manage to find that foscam does have a search tool…downloaded it and when you click on it…it opens all the configuration options on the camera and was able to change the port…

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Can you give us the link to that tool? It seem very interesting for our users.

Here it is


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