FPS Drops to 2, Disable/Enable fixes it for a while


One camera, MJPEG. Starts with good FPS, eventually drops to 2 FPS. That drop is not directly related to a motion detection recording (I can see it make a recording and maintain FPS). When the FPS drops in the client, the recordings are also at that same low speed.

If I disable then Enable the source, it returns to good FPS for some random length of time.
I have attached a GIF of the action.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


Thanks for the very nice gif
Can be several things so:
-check CPU loads so that is low
-this can also be the camera that actually do not send no more than 2 fps after a while if nothing in the scenario changes. When at low fps make some noise in the camera view and see what happens. Go into the configuration of the camera and change settings.
The recorded fps is set in the Settings-recordings. To actually see the recorded fps you must use VLC and check the recorded fps. What you see in the bottom right corner is only fps from camera to NCS.