FPS on Website or Remote


Stumbled upon a rather odd issue. When viewing cameras remotely or via website if I have NS minimized to the task bar OR if I am looking at anything else in the application besides the cameras (settings, rules, etc) the frame rates on our websites drop down to 1 or 2 FPS.

However, if NS is visible AND I am actually looking at all of the cameras in NS - then all of the website cam links run at a normal FPS speed between 9 and 15 FPS.

I have the FPS settings in NS maxed at 30. I have tried changing the encoder/decoder between software/hardware/etc. Not sure if I am missing something. Does NS go into some sort of sleep mode if minimized to the task bar?


That figure is what the camera delivers to NCS. It is based on what NCS needs to fulfill the desired quality/configuration. So when all videos are running in NCS and on the website the cameras must deliver more. You can do the experiment to disable streams to website and have all cameras in NCS running. The FPS should also go down, but not as much.
Since you have set FPS to 30 theoretically it should read 30 FPS in the lower right corner. However, you have some limitations in the system. It can be wifi, cpu load, … Have a look in the configuration in the cameras. There you can also have limitations like fps, max bitrate etc.
Just as a test you can connect one camera close to NCS and maximize the parameters and only have ONE camera running in NCS. Then you should see 30 FPS hopefully. There are many parameters on the way that can decrease the FPS.



Thanks Henrik,

I will take a look at my router. It is the oldest portion of my network. All of the cameras have a max of 20 FPS and I never get that - even with 1 at a time active.


There is also a difference in FPS if you chose to view a camera by “View” or “Source”. VIEW gives a black background and SOURCE gives a white background. In Settings you set the max FPS for these different choices.