Frame Interval (in Motion) - select Threshold level and Sensibility

Frame Interval… If objects we want to detect are moving slowly, could it help to increase the Frame Interval value to make the motion more visible for NCS?

Just to be sure, setting the Motion Sensibility to High makes it more SENSITIVE than Normal or Low, right? Or am I thinking this the wrong way…?

This is a 1080x1920 through a 3,6mm lens, aprx 6-12m distance. Sometimes slow moving cats are not triggering Motion, I wan’t them to do so :slight_smile:

He he!
To catch slow moving cats on video you should set the Sensibility as high as possible. Experiment to set Threshold to a manual value. High resolution cameras are fine, but if that is the motion detection zone of interest maybe a much lower resolutions is better. The cat will then cover a larger area. Hm, it is difficult to say what is best. Usually, it is possible to also use a lower resolution in the same camera. Test that. As a Motion Algorithm test Background Modelling or Blob detection if that works better. Finally, most interesting is what you will do with the trigger cat :slight_smile:

Hehehe, hopefully I’m not catching any more cats, but if I do I will be delivering it to the owner. It’s not allowed to have unleashed cats here, and I’ve had at least five of them pissing right outside my door. It’s never “my cat” until there’s a video. :smiley:

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With Threshold 0 (auto) I don’t think I’ve seen the motion bar moving from low light interference. I’m using a Sony IMX322 image sensor, they are really good in low light!. I just set Threshold 0,4 and it just blips a tiny bit of yellow on the motion bar. That should make the Motion really sensitive for small objects (or large objects far away). I’ll let it run like that tonight and hope it’s not raining or snowing… :stuck_out_tongue:

Learning about how this software works is fun, it makes the end user capable of customizing the settings for his or her purpose. And maybe, someone has the opposite problem, wanting to ignore cats, just flip what I’m doing… :slight_smile:

Btw. Way cool that Threshold could be set lower than 1!

Threshold 0,4 seems to we working very well for me. No false triggering, and together with Sensibility Very High it picks up pretty good, even black cats :slight_smile:

Excellent! Thanks for reporting back valuable information!
From now on no cat or cat owner will be safe in your neighborhood :smile: