FTP Connection Question

I’m currently evaluating your product and like it very much so far. I’ve successfully enabled “Network Synchronization” with a remote computer on my local intranet but have not been able to get “FTP Synchronization” to work. It fails with “unable to connect” and the FTP folders on the remote computer remain empty. The remote folder that is pointed to by “Network Synchronization” works fine.
I’ve enabled FTP services on the remote computer but still no luck. Any advice or tutorial I can look up? TIA!

First try to upload manually using Filezilla or another FTP manager just to ensure that from this computer everything works as expected. Check if it Try to see if it uses SSL or TLS to connect.

Then ensure to replicate the exact settings into Netcam Studio and check in the event logs what is happening. It should provide a bit more details than just unable to connect.

Finally got ftp working! It was on the ftp server side settings with firewall and router access.
Found this video on youtube that explains setting up IIS 7.5 and FTP settings for Windows 7

Note that in the beginning of the video that he turns off the windows firewall completely. I waited until the end to turn off the firewall but that was the last obstacle to making the ftp operational. New firewall rules had to be set to enable ftp.