FTP Sync acting weird after turning on service

I have been using Netcam Studio X with FTP synchronization to ADrive.com setup for a couple weeks without issues. I had a couple weeks of videos stored there just as I expect. I have my local library set to unlimited storage (0 for each setting). I then enabled the NCS Windows service and started using the NetCam Client.

Immediately I noticed all of the NetCam FTP files on my ADrive account were gone! In addition, I noticed that whenever new videos were then FTP’ed it would seemingly delete any previous videos. So at any given time, there would only be the newest batch of videos on ADrive. I thought that maybe I confused NCS somehow, so I changed the FTP Sync config to use a different remote folder, and deleted all of the local library files-- to give it a fresh start. That didn’t change the behavior-- it would still only have the latest batch of files.

So I stopped the service, set the service back to Manual startup, restarted my PC, and started using NCS X again. I also reset my change to the remote FTP folder, and then it got really weird. Now I see files being put on ADrive in both the original and new folder, and still see older files getting deleted.

So my question is what am I doing wrong that is causing files to be deleted on ADrive? I thought NCS would just upload, never delete. How can I completely reset the FTP to get back to a working state? Thanks, Eric


  • First, which version of NCS is running?
  • It is a syncronization so you should have the same files in the Library and in the ADrive.
  • What is the Library retention time set to?
  • In the configuration of each camera you can also set an FTP. That should work differently. Hm, that is only jpeg.


Library retention 0 days, 0 GB
My FTP is not set per camera, just in the app settings
I have all the files on disk, but NCS is deleting previous files on ADrive every time it uploads new files. And it doesn’t seem to even upload the latest files, as sometimes there are just a few older files left on ADrive after each upload. I looked in the NCS log, and it isn’t reporting any errors. It looks like this:

OK, fine!
When Retention period is set to 0 is means that the files are deleted after 0 days. If it is set to 5 days is means that recorded files are deleted after 5 days. So it works correct. Change Retention period to the number of days you want to keep the files and it will work correct.

I figured the note on the Library settings screen about 0 GB meaning unlimited disk space also applied to days. Note that I didn’t change any of these settings (they were both 0), and it hadn’t been deleting anything on the FTP server until I switched to the NCS service (instead of X app). Also note that nothing has been deleted on my local disk library. I still feel something is wrong as it is uploading videos that are not even the latest ones, and deleting the others.

0 GB meaning unlimited disk space.
0 Days/Hours mean deleted immediately.

I suggest that you either do a clean install (uninstall NCS and remove all config files in the LibraryData folder for Monnware) or stop NCS and in the C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server delete the file called Library. Start NCS again and it will start to re-index the recorded files. Set the retention period to some days and then start the ftp.

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Thanks for the info! I set the disk space to 1000GB and the days to 365, deleted the Library file, and went back to using the NCS X app and the FTP is working great again. I do want to try using the Windows Service again, but that will have to wait until next week.

One suggestion that would help is if there was more info in the user interface about what the ranges and units of the settings. For example, the note about 0GB being unlimited, but nothing about days and whether it could be 0 (I actually had it set to 0 for about a month, and no video in the library was ever deleted until I started the Windows Service). Also, when setting up FTP, the interval unit-- is it seconds, minutes (I figured out through trial and error that it is seconds). There are a bunch of places that adding this info to the UI would be very helpful. I did look in the user manual for this info, but didn’t find it for many cases.

Fine. Please, when you have time go to the NCS Service since it should not be any problems.

Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, the UI can always better and I will certainly use your suggestions.


I just wanted to follow up that the service and FTP are working great with my new settings.

Excellent and thanks for the report!