FTP Sync just stopped

FTP sync just stopped working. It´s been running for a very long time and suddenly nothing. It starts and then stops, but no action like deleting or uploading. No error messages. The eventlogg says:

I can change the remote path to something that do not exist and it do not give an error message on that. I have restarted the NCS Service, the whole server, tried to repair NCS, uninstall and install … But nothing. So there is some little file that messes with my life and I do not like that! I do not want to loose data! Network Sync is not working either. It finds the NAS, but do not start to upload. Retention time is 30 days and Max Size is 1 TiB.

Works with NetcamStudio X, but not with NCS service.

I am really looking forward to the final release of 120 very very soon! :).

Do I understand it correct, in NetcamStudio.X everything works fine and in NCS Service it doesn’t?
Trying to reproduce this bug.

Yes that is correct. But, as I wrote in another reply I am experiencing a little to many problems for the moment so I am going to investigate some other things first with this server. So hold your horses for the moment and put your efforts on final realize of NCS 120 !! which I am really looking forward to. Thanks, Henrik!