FTP to create video wall

Hi all, we have been using NCS for a while now with 30+ cameras and have a project to create a video wall showing a grid of 30 cameras in 6 x 5 layout. We want to achieve this by FTPing an image from a camera through NCS every minute to the FTP server and then using those images on a web page displayed on the wall so it is a pseudo live collection. Web page will constantly update to show new images throughout the day.
Having looked through the manual (2015…) a lot of the features in the new versions, time lapse etc, have many features not included in this manual. So is it possible to a. to have a new manual or b. some pointers as how best to achieve our goal. We know how to do the website stuff it is just about getting the right configuration to upload the images with the correct names every time.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Looks like an exciting project!
Do the following:
On each camera image right-click and select Configure features.
Select FTP upload settings. Select Add new FTP host.
There you can set NCS to take a copy of the video image every sec/min/h and send it to the FTP host. You can set the filename so it is the same for all uploads.
Depending on which Win OS you are running make sure that Net framework 3.5 is enabled for the FTP connection.

Thank you for your swift reply, we have now managed to get this working.
Could you also say if it is possible to save these files to a local NAS server in the same way as FTP i.e with the same file names etc.

A NAS has also an FTP server in it so just add another FTP host that is the NAS. Then you have to match when the pictures are taken.
Alternative is to first FTP the picture to the local NAS and from the NAS using a script FTP the picture to the remote FTP host.
Some testing and experimenting is needed here :slight_smile: