FTP uploading settings is red

All of a sudden FTP uploading settings is red and I dont know why and my broadcast times out trying to connect.

The FTP Upload turned green. I can see the local feed but broadcasting times out. Going into the Netcam Studio Client right clicking the local feed and I click Edit Video Source and go to Network Camera and click Test Connection I get red icon saying…

Video failed with error: Error in the application.
Audio failed with error: Not Tested

I restarted the server. Holy crap Batman, I have a huge update… Stand by

Yes, test connection sometimes get red especially if connected with rtsp. Click ok and mostly it will work. If not, restart NCS.
Lately, Windows update have had some effects on NCS.

I rebooted the software and looks pretty different and now just says “Connecting…” and just hangs there

Update? That’s got to be an old version? Right-click on the camera video and save the camera settings again usually helps coming back.

I did that and when that didnt work I removed the cameras and re added them still nothing.

It seems that something went very wrong here. I suggest that you do a clean installation.
-before this procedure make sure that you have logins, settings etc. on safe place.
-start the installation program and select Remove.
-go to C:\ProgramData\Moonware\Netcam Studio\Server and delete all. You can keep the Library folder if you have recordings that you want to keep. The folder ProgramData is a hidden folder so you might need to make it visible first.
-go to C:\Program Files\Netcam Studio - 64-bit and delete everything.
-start the NCS installation program again and install.
-add cameras.


Here is what i did so far…

  • Used Revo Uninstaller to completely remove NCS
  • Restarted
  • Checked and downloaded and installed Windows and Driver Updates
  • Cleaned Cache
  • Restarted
  • Went to NCS.com and downloaded the latest copy
  • Did a fresh install of NCS
  • Began to setup up the cameras

Then I get this when I test connection…

Video failed with error: Timeout connecting to video source

Did you check the folders above that they are empty?
Even if the test connection gives error click on ok.
Can you connect to the camera from the web browser?
What camera is it and how do you connect it (template, ONVIF, custom url)?
If custom url use VLC and see if it works.
Are the cameras on the same LAN as the NCS computer.
No extra spaces in user name and password?

Can you give me access to the computer with TeamViiewer?

I cleared out all the folders. I have had NCS for years back when it was WebcamXP with no problems. When our server crashed last year, you and this support forum saved our company. But now out of the blue a few days ago our cams go down. I checked the logs and did some diagnostics and nothing. I didn’t realize we were using an older NCS version and had many updates to be installed. All my bad. So now Im starting from scratch per your helpful instruction and Im setting everything up for the first time and Im loosing my mind. We use TeamViewer for our POS system so yes absolutely you can connect. Ill take notes and make a knowledge base going forward. Thanks for your support, a great product and as always your paitence.

OK, I send you a PM for exchange of details.