Fullscreen in multimonitor setup + Autohide mouse pointer

I don’t know where to put this. Guess it’s not a bug, but rather a request.
I’m using a dual monitor setup on one of my management stations and I’ll like to be able to have Netcam Studio in fullscreen while I have my Grafana shown on the other monitor.
Now, If I put the Netcam Studio in fullscreen, the second monitor turns while. Doesn’t matter who I put as primary monitor, it happens either way.
Also, an auto-hide option for the mouse while idle would also be nice. (Yes, I know there is 3rd party apps for it though ;))

See attached files for pictures.

Pic1 (No fullscreen)

Pic2 (Fullscreen)

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Hiding mouse cursor i’m not sure but for sure we need a setting to enable / disable multi-screen.