Fullscreen/Zoom on motion camera

Any plans on implementing “auto-switch-to-fullscreen” if is any motion on a specific cameras?
It would be very nice to have instead on 4x4 cameras permanently on the screen all the time with red border.
It could be set up to maximize current camera(s) with motion, if multiple screen got motion, you could split the screen in 2x1 og 3x1 or 2x2 and so on.
Netcam Studio should revert to the initial selected camera pattern if no motion is present.
If this feature should be implemented, another option could be to implement priorities e.g. cam 1 got priority 0 (highest priority and only one camera are able to have this) other cameras could be set up with different priorities.


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That would indeed be a nice feature!

Hi Mads and Mitch,
Thanks for your suggestion! This is not on the menu right now, but I put it on the suggestion list for future features that will be up for discussion.