Gallery on New Web Client 2.1.0

Very nice the new 1.6.0 update .
I only have one question related to the new Web Interface Gallery. Is it possible to see more than 1 day of the videos/images? It says “before” in the Calendar Combo but when I select a date it only shows me that day.
Many thanks and regards

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Thanks, I have the same question.

hmm, looks like we lost a dropdown somewhere.

Yes, I saw that the dropdown box wasn´t there but I thought that it was no longer necessary in this new version and I’ll see the whole gallery.
thanks again!

Also, the new menues looks good, but it is so much more clicking now. The one before was fadter to work with.

I knew you’ll say that :slight_smile:

But didn’t yet find a way to have them pre-opened by default (at least the first set regarding viewing).

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Well, then you know where I want the logout button as well :slight_smile: