Ghosting/Stuttering on 4mp Hikvision cameras



I have upgraded some of my cameras and I now have 3 hikvision 4mp cameras. I have an issue however, running them at full res which I’m not sure is going to be an issue with NCS but more likely something else.

The cameras were installed and connected at the full 2688x1520 resolution with all other settings being left default however, any motion stayed on the screen after it had gone. Even the time stamp changing leaves parts of the pixels from the previous number behind distorting the time. If this doesn’t make sense, I can upload a screenshot.

If I drop the resolution down to 1920x1080, they run perfectly and there is no sign of the issue.

My cameras are mounted under the soffits around my home overlooking the garden and driveway. They are connected to a POE gigabit managed switch via a (roughly) 25m Cat5E cables. Netcam Studio is running on a Dell Windows Server 2012 R2 server with 32gb RAM and Quad Core Xeon CPU.

I have tried changing loads of settings on the cameras with no luck. They are sending data at around 10mbps per camera and the switch is reporting between 7 and 12% utilisation per port at the most (baring in mind the cameras are 100mbps cameras)

Just looking for some advice on this as I would love to run these cameras at full res as the picture is just so much better.


Slightly more info on this:

If viewing the camera by its HTTP webpage, the ghosting cannot be seen. Also, the IPCam Viewer app also doesnt seem to have this problem.

The ghosting within Netcam Studio is seen on the live stream but obviously also affects motion detection and triggers motion occasionally and then ghosting can be seen on the recordings.

Cameras are running the latest 5.4.1 firmware


Hi again ;).
Nice cameras and server!
Trying to figure out the problem I have some questions and tests.

  1. If you have only one camera connected to ncs and change between 1080p and 1520p do you have this problem?
  2. If possible test with mjpeg and h264. Difference?
  3. Do you have this problem when viewing only the video in ncs (no modet, no recording) or is it when modet is active?
  4. It’s a lot of data on the LAN. Check that the LAN is really running on Gbit. Check the Task Manager and LAN speed so it is running fine.
  5. Difference between viewing in windows or web client?
  6. Difference between running NCS X or NCS as a Service?
  7. Under Settings and tab Decoding/Encoding you have Software_Internal as default. Change that to Software_VLC and restart and check any difference.

Well, that’s all for the moment ;).



After much testing and persistence with this issue. It appears to be CPU limitations of the hosts that’s causing the problem. I have ordered an i5-6500 HP Elitedesk to run NCS which benchmarks double what my current host does. I’ll see if that resolves the issue for me.

I was under the illusion that a Xeon processor would outperform an average i5 but it seems some Xeon processors will struggle to out perform even a 4th generation i3. Certainly an eye opener.



Thanks for your report. Finding the correct processor is always a challenge. I also discovered the difference, but the xeon is excellent in other server application. However, I am running a xeon e3-1230v3 with 15 cams, but no cam with that high resolution. Since NCS do a lot of transcoding with ffmpeg a processor that can handle many threads is very good and will lower the cpu load.
Good luck and please report back for our learning!


Hi Henrik,

I have got the new host up and running but after trying to activate the software using the key from my old host, its saying the key is invalid.

Do you know what the issue could be?


Yes. When you enter the license key for the first time it is stored with some information about the hardware in the license server. When you switch hardware theses two numbers do not correspond anymore with the result that the license is not valid any more. These is easily fixed by contacting the technical support here and describe that you have changed the hardware. Use the same name and email address under which NCS was licensed. They will release the license in the license server and you can enter the license again in the new server.