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Hi. I am having a problem with email notification, i think the problem is with email account password. When i try type password in Netcam Studio and click Apply in password field i am get *****, when try test email, in Event Logs get “Username and Password not accepted”. Working on windows 8 x64, tried Netcam Studio 1.2.0, 1.2.7 installing uninstalling Visual, NET Frameworks, different email accounts etc. nothing helped

Have you searched the forum for Gmail? There are some hints that might help you. The password is stored correct, but you get the ****** to not reveal the password and to keep it secure.

Yes, i have saw discussion for Gmail, but nothing helped

Sorry, but I cannot get it to work with Gmail either. I have another ISP that works fine, but that will not help you for the moment.

Can you please check?

In webcamXP, it was required to use another port (465 instead of 587 I think) for Gmail.

I’ve checked and it works without any issues. Use these settings:
Port: 465
Security: Auto
Password: your gmail password, or If you use 2f authentication, you should use application password, which you can create here:
Or go to account settings -> security -> application passwords

Using the settings above I can login from my laptop, tablet and cellphone. When I try to login from NCS gmail blocks the connection and tells me that there were an attempt to login from a device that do not reach the level of security needed.

If anyone has this problem in your Google security settings turn on Allow less secure apps this solved the problem for me.

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I think the problem was that AddressFrom and AddressTo was the same email address, changed that to different address’es and now its working :slight_smile:

I changed in Google security settings:
Turned on “Allow less secure apps”.
Now it works !

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