Google Chrome block videos on a webpage with embedded code from NCS

Google Chrome has increased the security for viewing webpages with mixed content, meaning a mix of sources from https and http sites. This is to make the web more secure. So if you have a website at a service provider that use https and have a webpage where there is embedded code for a video from the Netcam Studio server using http, Chrome will block that video stream.
http://publicIP:8100 to the computer running Netcam Studio.

Short term solution
To unblock http temporarily in Chrome do this:

Long term solution
The above solution is of cause not a good solution in the long run since viewers should not need to handle that. The only solution is to run Netcam Studio with https/ssl. Here is a guide how to enable https Running Netcam Studio Server on SSL / HTTPS - Windows 7 and 10
Important: you do not need a certificate from a trusted authority for this. Creating a self-signed certificate works.

Now all traffic to NCS must be made with https. When using the web or windows client remember to mark the checkbox for https traffic.

Important: when creating embedded code do NOT use the admin account!! Create a specific account for the cameras that you want to publish. Use that account to get the correct Token for the embedded html-code. This is very important since otherwise it is very easy to enter NCS via the web client and mess up the configurations in NCS. Also, change the default login admin / 1234 to something else. If not it´s very easy to mess up the configuration for NCS.

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It turns out that more or less all major web browsers on iOS, Android and Windows have upgraded their security and no longer accept webpages with mixed sources, i.e. http and https. The content from the http source is blocked. If you use only http it will work, but you get a warning that the site is not secure.

If you run a website at a host using https (which they all are today) and embed videos from the NCS server I recommend to install a trusted certificate on the NCS server. This will secure that only https is used and that is accepted on all platforms and browsers.

If you only use the web client directly from NCS running http or https with a self-signed certificate it is still working as of today on all platforms and browsers. However, Android is not accepting a self-signed certificate when using the NCS mobile App.