Google Drive Synchronization - Issue

Google Drive Synchronization is not working correctly. My Google drive fills and becomes full, I have 1TB of storage. I have the NCS library set to limit at 500GB. The process is not deleting items in Google Drive to stay in synch. At this point it’s acting as a simple copy until the drive is full.

This have been discussed before and I assumed solved. However, I can check in my system.

Please let me know. I have had this issue since I set it up. About once a week I have to go into Google Drive, delete old folders in order to free up space. I was afraid your synchronization was a simple copy and didn’t actually delete old data in Google Drive.

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I have tested and it works like a backup and not deleting recordings according to the Library manager in NCS. I have to check the intentions of this, but introducing and deletion process at this point would not be such a good idea.


“introducing and deletion process at this point would not be such a good idea.” - I don’t understand this comment.

If the functionality is not correct and the sync is not working as it should; adding a delete process ASAP to correct the sync WOULD be a great idea.

Yes, I can agree that is sounds a little bit strange. However, first is if the intention is to also include Goggle Drive in the deletion process or if it is for a backup. Secondly, just introduce a deletion process is actually not a good idea since it might be many user who use it as a backup. Suddenly these files are deleted. I would not be so happy about if that happened. So if changed we need to take this a step further.

Strange? No, it sounds wrong. Synchronization is clearly by definition both drives containing the same information. When something is expires or is deleted from the library; it will be deleted from the synchronous copy. Backup is entirely different having its own characteristics and ability to delete expired content. Even backup processes delete expired content based on the retention schedule.

How about adding a Backup function? Correct the synchronization issues; The copy is working fine but there needs to be a way to remove deleted expired content.

Maybe that is something for version 2.0?..

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Any update on the synchronization? My Google Drive keeps filling up and videos that have been removed from the library are not deleting from my online synch folder. This is causing an issue with the other files I have also sent to Google Drive; my local files are not being updated online and my data is at risk.

It’s in the process.