Google Sync Not Activating

1.9.5 ver
Google sync stopped working on our original PC for uploading images and videos to our Google Drive.
I have installed the same version on another PC but are getting the same problem.

I have enabled Google Sync within Notifications, gone through the motions of logging into Google and all appears to be working however, when all said and done it doesn’t connect to Google at all. You can do this many times but still asks you to Log into Google.

I have tried the latest version of the software and we are still unable to connect and upload files to the Google Drive with the same problem as above.

Can anyone advise me how to fix this please ?

Many Thanks

Google has increased their security very much and Netcam Studio has not yet passed their demands even though we have submitted all what they ask for.
Google has introduced what they call an App Password for applications that not fulfill the requirement. Read more here How to use Google email with Netcam Studio after May 30, 2022