GPU Acceleration

Hi everybody,
i am using a vm with a NVIDIA Quadro 2000 is attachet via DDA.
I can see that the card is beeing used if i set the decoding to DX3D11VA but if i use that i don´t have audio.
aditional i have close to 100% CPU all the time:

Maybe somone hase an idea for me.
Kind Regards

VM is always tricky. Make sure you use the latest driver from Nvidia website.
If you use DXVA2 and run NCS X server, any audio?
100% cpu depends on many things. If you run a Xeon increase number of cores or lower resolution and/or fps.

so i like to have many fps. at the moment the system has 6 cores. what is the preferd graphics card? with dda i can give nearly all cards to the vm. is a k1 a good option?
with dxva2 i don´t check it beacause if i set the the gpu did not do anything.

So far you haven´t mentioned what you want to accomplish. Only problem seems to be the audio. You have to check the hardware configuration for this. Running NCS X server with dxva2 should not be a problem. DDA is?
Apart from the driver what can the graphics card decode? What do the camera send, h264 or h265?
Why change graphics card? The decode GPU load is only around 55%. The CPU load is 96% which is high, but it works. I am running systems with cpu load of that also and it is ok. Change to a more powerful graphics card will not lower the cpu load. If you want to decrease cpu load while keeping camera resolution and fps you need a more powerful cpu / add more cores.


hi i will now search for a better grafics card