H.264 custom URL

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I am trying to use this to connect to wowza and record the live cameras I have for use if there is a issue at that location. The video studders back and forth. Does the h.264 decompressor look for a specific complexity level? I am just using a Dell Server do I need a highend GPU for the cams?

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Hi Mike!
I am not familiar with wowza so I must ask. You have video cams (not IP cams) connected to wowza and from wowza you get h.264 streams over IP and added to NCS.?
How do you add this stream to NCS, which URL do you use? You do not need a specific GPU for this. However, if it is many cams/streams and in HD it put some demands on the computer. But, that can easily be seen by checking the CPU load or how much cpu the NCS use which is seen at the bottom in the NCS window.
It can also be a problem with the input stream. An easy way to control that is to use VLC and see how it behaves there.
Can wowza deliver different compression levels of h.264? That is usually not a problem for NCS.

Hi Henrik!

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I am finding that the h.264 decoder must be limited to what it supports. Looks like baseline vs main is what it likes. Also the ACC decoder does not seam to go over 32Khz 44.1Khz is just poping and hissing.

Yep I have IP camreras feeding wowza for live streaming but want to use netcam to act as our DVR to use for police needs and a possible other projects.

The reason I want to pull from wowza is it and netcam are in the same DC and don’t want to put extra load on the cams and most of my spots don’t have the extra bandwith needed to pull a good clean second stream back from the camera.

the ACC decoder is only good up to 32Khz it looks like.

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Well AAC support is shiny new for us. It’s only available since the version released yesterday so hmm, yes it’s possible that there are still a few limitations.

By the video The video studders back and forth can you please describe this or share a sample ?

I have noticed some similar effects by trying to use high resolution h264/aac videos during my tests and the reason that some of those videos do does not have the frames in a consecutive order: as example 1,2,7,8,9,3,4,7,5,6,8, … due to different references frames.

Our filter / rtsp decoder will actually not reorder the frames and display them in the decoded order (actually I’ve tried but it uses considerably more memory), since I have never met a camera that actually uses more than 1 reference frame and saw this only on movies / local files, I had the feeling that It wasn’t required to implement a re-ordering at this stage however it’s maybe the problem you are facing.

Actually I’m also not familiar to Wowza, are your streams coming from Wowza? We would need more information to try reproducing your scenarios in order to support you properly.

Regarding Baseline support, we limit the Baseline (to 2.0) for our output streams / recording. This is in order to be natively supported even old Android devices but for incoming streams we rely on pretty standard and recent version of FFMPEG so it should support more or less anything…

Hi Steve,

Ya I am trying to use netcam in somewhat of a odd way, I am sorry for that. We are looking for a NVR recorder to have that “security” footage for if someone gets hit by a train or any other items. The local PD in the area might be looking for. It has come up a few times in the last two years. “Do you record your cameras?” Right now I don’t have a good solution to say “YES”.

The incoming stream is right now Baseline/3.2 720p 2.5Mbps and a key frame every 90 frames. When I had it sending out Main/3.2. 2.5Mbps It was like it was getting it all but it would just jump back and forth as the car moved forward.It would not get over 5 - 7 frames per-second.

I can confirm the ACC decoder is only good to 32Khz might not be a bad thing to list in a read me doc or someplace like that.

I am trying to use High End video streams that are played on Roku & Apple TV and computers and also want to have a security DVR of the events. Wowza will record but its a solid video vs a nice system like netcam that has a away to search on a time line for events. Also the ability to allow the PD’s access to it remotely with out my involvement is awesome as well.

Honestly I LOVE the product! Its so EASY to setup. I did purchase it because I wanted to support the effort and also due to trying to use it in a odd way.

I would be glad to give you access to our netcam server so you can see the footage and also the logs from it. Just contact me off list.

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I do see the point in this please don’t take this the wrong way:

“Regarding Baseline support, we limit the Baseline (to 2.0) for our output streams / recording.”

But it would be nice to have control over it. As I would prefer to have a video of higher quality stored as h.264 a higher video complexity would be nice to have the ability to have. 720p complexity is 3.1 Vs support something I don’t have. The better the video the better the footage.

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