H264/265 vs mp4

I’ve only been testing my way around Netcam Studio with a 1080p web cam so far.
As I consider buying IP cameras, I’m wondering how the cameras that claim they’re h264 or 265 would interact with Netcam?
Would Netcam record in 264/265 or still mp4 (maybe they’re still the same thing some how?)?
Would the cameras be merely transmitting h264/265 to netcam, and then netcam converting it?
Does a h264/265 source benefit me in Netcam’s recorded file sizes?
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

h.265 is a newer and more efficient compression format compared to h.264 mainly to reduce bandwidth from live streaming sources. That means also that h.265 need more cpu power for processing data. As of today Netcam Studio do not support h.265. An h.265 compressed file will have a smaller size than an h.264 compressed file with the same quality. However, to the cost of increased cpu load.

Thank you for your reply, Henrik.
Does that make h264/265 cameras altogether incompatible with netcam?

Not at all! All IP cameras working with h.264 works fine with Netcam Studio. Also mjpeg and jpg.
In the configuration of the camera you select which compression will be used for a certain video stream from the camera.
Also, make sure that the camera support the ONVIF standard which makes it so much more easy to add to the software.

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