H265 Network Camera

Did anyone yet tried some recent network camera which offer H265 compression?

Normally the most recent versions of NCS should support it however I don’t really know how it behaves since I don’t have any myself so far and I suppose that anyway I should order one of them and give it a try to ensure that it works properly. There are many specific settings which NCS applies to H264 decoder and currently nothing has been done to finetune H265 decoding.

The main change is that it compresses much more than H265 (3-4x more) to reduce the network bandwidth, so I also expect much more CPU required in order to decode these streams.

I will probably buy one of these to play with with H265:



But if somebody had to chance the experiment already, feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

Just ordered one of these.

That was before I realize that the HikVision DS-2DE2106IW-DE3 which I have is already H265 capable :slight_smile:

It actually seems to work well however the H265 profiles are not properly detected through Onvif so still have some improvements to do here…

I was about to tell you may be you could produce one thru ffmpeg or VLC (re)ecoding/streaming some MJPEG/H.624 into H.265

Producing H265 is not really the problem but there is nothing like testing in real situation.

Surprisingly the CPU usage is doesn’t seem higher but the image quality and fps looks better (was already great with this camera).

Also It’s one of my PTZ camera and there is almost no delay so actually H265 seems to be nice. The 2nd one i’ve ordered is a Dahua, the 2nd big and popular chinese brand (this time I was careful not to take with Chinese UI because it’s why I didn’t notice the HikVision could do H265, when the interface is in chinese, I usually don’t spend too much time in there :)).

I also don’t know if many or all manufacturers do or will offer this on there new models but it will probably propagate quickly…

In the same way as Mega Pixel is a sales argument I think H265 will be also. Several cams offer this already so as you say it will go quickly. I wish that ONVIF would be a sales argument, but not yet. The CLOUD came in between :slight_smile:

Well when 2MP is already 1920x1080 yes I don’t really know who needs higher resolution but at least it’s still evoling, now you can have really great cameras under 100USD, fully features under 200USD and I really start to like HikVision.

Apart their a bit dangerous (integrated dynamic name + opening all ports so that camera is online by default using uPnp) and lacking updates firmwares, they do quite nice products.

It´s not a question about who need … It sells to customers and keeps us buying stuff. Then they need betters computers … I think we should introduce a sales argument like NCS 2.0 now with 16 MP capability :smile:

Yes we like Hikvision. A company who release this and stick to it is good.

I know HikVision and Dahua that are actually the two “higher than average” quality Chinese camera makers.

I know Digoo also have a very cheap 30€ H.265 2MP camera http://www.mydigoo.com/Digoo-DG-UFC-H_265-HD-1080P-2_8mm-180-Degree-Wireless-WIFI-Night-Vision-Smart-IP-Security-Camera-p-52.html but as they are only White mark resellers I don’t know which manufacturer is behind it.